Dahi Bhalla | Dahi Vada

Dahi Bhalla

Is served as an Indian snack, however at my home this is best enjoyed as an accompaniment with chole bhature.. chana puri… veg pulao and even biryani.
I enjoy the bhallas crispy when assembled with curd, so I prefer not to soak them in water before hand. However one can go ahead and soak them in water for a few minutes after frying them. I’ve used a fifty fifty ratio or soaked urad dal and yellow moong dal to make the batter, you could also use urad dal for this. A perfect summer recipe to prepare as an accompaniment to any of your dish or you could just enjoy this as is.

Yam Chips | Suran Chips

Suran, also known as Yam, Tuber or Elephant Yam is a very popular and versatile root vegetable that can be used to prepare curry, starters or as a side dish. They can be baked, boiled or even mashed to be used in recipes. I was yearning for chips and since I had just a couple…

Sabudana Chaat

Sabudana also known as Sago or Tapioca Pearls, widely used in Indian homes to prepare breakfast or snacks. It’s a versatile ingredient which can be used to prepare sabudana khichdi, sabudana wada and these days it’s also being used to prepare kheer and pudding. During this lockdown, we have have managed to satisfy our cravings…

Sesame Mushroom Toast

Sesame Mushroom Toast – We love open sandwiches at home and sesame toast is one such I’ve been snacking on since my childhood days. So one day while preparing potato toast sandwich which is also commonly called aloo toasty which is a popular street food in India, we decided to make it this aloo toasty…

Sandwich Uttapam

Sandwich Uttapam makes a healthy breakfast or a tea time snack. Been craving to eat uttapam I finally decided to treat myself with some quick and instant healthy breakfast. You can also have this over lunch or dinner as it is super healthy and delicious and filling at the same time.

Soya and Spinach Kebabs

Soya & Spinach Kebabs a perfect vegeterian snack to enjoy over a tea or coffee or even as starters for your meals. These are very healthy and nutritious with richness of proteins from soya and iron, fibre, vitamins and magnesium from spinach. These kebabs are very easy to make and very convenient to prepare if you have stocked up a batch.

Chicken Russian Cutlets

Chicken Russian Cutlets or Russian Chicken Kebabs are a must to snack on. These cutlets are always a hit at get togethers, family functions and even weddings for that matter.

Suran Tikki

There are many varieties of yam like the purple yam, wild yam, chinese yam and it’s mostly mistaken for sweet potato by some. I was always skeptical about buying this vegetable as it is mostly popular for “Itchy Throat”.