Krusty Quinoa Krunch

As the name suggests, this dessert is Krusty..Krunchy and Quinoaliscious!!! Yes, you guessed it right.. Quinoa is the main ingredient for this dessert layered on some delicious crunch biscuit crumbs. Quinoa is a protein packed ingredient consisting of all nutrients and essential amino acids which is why it is considered very healthy. It’s also very rich in fibre and considered good for weight loss. The base, which is the crunch for this recipe, calls for crumbled oreo biscuits, however you could use any biscuits or your choice.

Dahi Bhalla | Dahi Vada

Dahi Bhalla

Is served as an Indian snack, however at my home this is best enjoyed as an accompaniment with chole bhature.. chana puri… veg pulao and even biryani.
I enjoy the bhallas crispy when assembled with curd, so I prefer not to soak them in water before hand. However one can go ahead and soak them in water for a few minutes after frying them. I’ve used a fifty fifty ratio or soaked urad dal and yellow moong dal to make the batter, you could also use urad dal for this. A perfect summer recipe to prepare as an accompaniment to any of your dish or you could just enjoy this as is.

Almond Cookies

We all love cookies be it choco chip cookies, oats cookies or just simple butter cookies. My personal choice is Almond Cookies and these are the first cookies I ever baked.

Strawberry Mojito

Mojito is a wonderful summer drink that traditionally consists of mint, lemon juice, sugar and white rum. Strawberry Mojito, is a wonderful mocktail that I’ve prepared, with some fresh strawberries that is perfect to beat the heat. It not makes a wonderful summer drink but can also be served as a welcome drink. Tried my…

Orange and Lotus Parfait

Orange and Lotus Parfait is a wonderful dessert prepared with only three simple ingredients and very quick and easy to make. You can use any fruit/fruits of your choice or seasonal fruits and add granola or dry fruits for that crunch to your parfait. I have used sweet thick cream and prepared this for dessert, however this can also be a good option for a healthy breakfast if you use greek yogurt or hung curd to prepare this. Adding Lotus crumbs gives a wonderful rich crunch to the creamy thick cream and orange pulp. I’m sure you’re gonna love this yummilicious dessert!!! Orange and Lotus Parfait – a wonderful delicious dessert!!

Mango Muffins

Mango Muffins – Actually this was supposed to be a Mango Cake but, since I didn’t have a small cake mould I decided to pour the batter into a muffin mould and they turned out to be super luscious, bite size Mango Muffins. It’s mango season and we all want to try different dishes and…

Butter Garlic Spaghetti | Aglio E Olio

Spaghetti is long, thin cylindrical pasta that just resembles noodles. Its a traditional Italian Cuisine that can be tossed up with any kind of sauce and seasonings and it’s ready!! You can also bake it with some cheese or white sauce and/or pasta sauce with some chicken or meat or simply adding some veggies to it.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken Pockets

Stuffed Grilled Chicken Pockets – I got this name for my dish with the help of my lovely viewers. So I decided to prepare and present this dish for one of my live cooking sessions and I wasn’t really sure (because of lock down…no ingredients…) what it’s going to be till a night prior… except…