Dynamite Pizza Fries | Pizza Fries

Dynamite Pizza Fries makes an amazing snack and your kids are for sure going to love it. This recipe calls for French Fries used as a pizza base, topped with toppings of choice and some cheese.
These Fries have been topped with Dynamite Sauce which is a spicy dip prepared mixing mayo, sriracha and sweet chilli garlic sauce and goes perfectly well with this dish. The best part about this recipe is there’s no fixed quantity you need to use to prepare pizza fries. You can use as many fries you like with as much of toppings and cheese you and your kids love and simple enjoy!!!

Sesame Mushroom Toast

Sesame Mushroom Toast – We love open sandwiches at home and sesame toast is one such I’ve been snacking on since my childhood days. So one day while preparing potato toast sandwich which is also commonly called aloo toasty which is a popular street food in India, we decided to make it this aloo toasty…