Chocolate Overload Dessert

The only thing better than a Chocolate Dessert is a Chocolate Overload Dessert! This rich and delicious dessert might just be the best chocolate overload you’ll ever make! It’s an Instant dessert and absolutely No Bake..!! I call this a Chocolate Overload Cake because every bite of it makes me feel I’m relishing a chocolate cake and you can always get your kids to help you set this dessert. After all kids never say no to chocolates..!!!

Every time I’ve made it for friends and visitors they have been desperate to have the recipe and make it themselves. But until now, I have never disclosed my secret… I have given it a little twist of adding hazelnut spread, compared to my previous recipe that calls only for chocolate spread or nutella.

Kiwi Tart

Kiwi Tart is an amazing cold dessert. It’s simple yet rich with smooth and creamy dessert cream layered on buttery biscuit crumble tart with delicious kiwis. This dessert which was an Instant hit in my family.
Kiwi Tarts are perfect for days you are craving for something sweet but you don’t want to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. Get your hands on to some basic ingredients available at home, set it up and the delicious tart is ready and the best part is it’s an absolutely No Bake Dessert.

No Bake Apple Cheese Cake | Cold Apple Cheese Cake – No Bake No Oven

Apple’s are one of my favourite fruits and it’s in season now and it’s a perfect fruit for this dessert. No Bake Apple Cheese Cake is again a cold dessert which is absolutely simple and easy to make. All you need is a pan, a whisk, a spatula and two glasses to assemble this. This recipes calls for caramelised apples, for which all you need is butter, brown sugar and some all purpose flour to bind it all together, flavouring it with a dash of cinnamon powder which takes this dessert to just another level. Also, Apple and Cinnamon make an amazing combination and very well together. Layer up the apple mixture with whipped cream and cream cheese along with some biscuit crumbs and serve chilled.

Krusty Quinoa Krunch

As the name suggests, this dessert is Krusty..Krunchy and Quinoaliscious!!! Yes, you guessed it right.. Quinoa is the main ingredient for this dessert layered on some delicious crunch biscuit crumbs. Quinoa is a protein packed ingredient consisting of all nutrients and essential amino acids which is why it is considered very healthy. It’s also very rich in fibre and considered good for weight loss. The base, which is the crunch for this recipe, calls for crumbled oreo biscuits, however you could use any biscuits or your choice.

Orange and Lotus Parfait

Orange and Lotus Parfait is a wonderful dessert prepared with only three simple ingredients and very quick and easy to make. You can use any fruit/fruits of your choice or seasonal fruits and add granola or dry fruits for that crunch to your parfait. I have used sweet thick cream and prepared this for dessert, however this can also be a good option for a healthy breakfast if you use greek yogurt or hung curd to prepare this. Adding Lotus crumbs gives a wonderful rich crunch to the creamy thick cream and orange pulp. I’m sure you’re gonna love this yummilicious dessert!!! Orange and Lotus Parfait – a wonderful delicious dessert!!

Mango Vanilla Shots

Mango is a very popular fruit all across the world and Mango desserts are the best way to beat the summer heat. I have created some delicious many desserts like Mango Muffins, Mango Rabri and No bake Mango Lotus Tart. Mango Vanilla Shots is a very delicious and easy to make recipe with a very…

Mango Rabri | Mango Rabdi

Rabri or Rabdi is an all time favourite Indian dessert which is easily available at sweet shops and now also prepared at home. Preparing rabri at home is a long and time consuming process but when its done, trust me its worth all the patience and efforts you put in. The most important step to…

No Bake – Mango Lotus Tart

It’s Mango season!!!! And this tart has been on my to do list ever since. Something delicious, something creamy with a crunchy crust. The crust is prepared with my favourite Lotus biscuits that tastes so so good. These lotus biscoffs can be perfectly paired with tea or coffee, however I prefer using these in my…

Nutella Brownies

Happiness is when you have perfectly baked brownies to treat yourself. These sweet chocolate squares are a ultimate hit. You serve them, eat them and you keep talking about it and of course you wanna put it up on your blog!!! There’s absolutely no excuse when you have brownies with a perfect crackly top, fudgy from inside with the swirl of Nutella!!!