Shahi Kumbh | Mushroom Masala | Shahi Mushroom Masala

Kumbh, most commonly known as Mushroom are quite popular specially amongst vegetarians. Mushrooms are a very versatile as it adapts to any dish you add it too and so one can create amazing fusion cuisine and recipes. It is used in almost all kinds of dishes and cuisines right from pizza’s, pastas from the Italian family to soups and starters in Chinese cuisine to gravies and biryanis in the Indian Cuisine.

Dahi wale Aloo

Dahi wale Aloo or Aloo Dahi ki sabzi is a very popular punjabi dish and one of my personal favourite that can be enjoyed over lunch or dinner best when served with some pooris. Navratri celebrations are incomplete without this dish. It is very similar to dum aloo that I prepare in tomato and yogurt base, but this one is a simpler and quick version.