Nutella Brownie Shake!!!

Nutella Brownies served in two glasses with a flower vase in the side for decorative purpose

When you want to indulge into a perfect summer drink, this Brownie Shake is perfect for you!!! When you have some brownies left…what do you do?? I quickly decided to blend some brownies with milk and chocolate ice cream and voilaaaa my Nutella Brownie shake is ready.

Where did I get Nutella Brownies? Well, I prepared these brownies at home. You can check my recipe for Nutella Brownies. I had 2 pieces of brownies in the fridge so i decided to shake…shake…shake!!!!


  • 2 pieces of Nutella Brownies (you can use how many you wish)
  • 1 cup full fat milk (I have used 1 cup for 2 brownie pieces)
  • 1 chocolate ice cream (you can also use vanilla ice cream)
  • Brownie chunks for garnish


  • Add all above ingredients in a blender and blend till nice and smooth.
  • Pour in a glass, add some brownie chunks for that extra oomph and serve chilled.

Please note: I have not added sugar as I added ice cream however you can add as desired.

Top view of Nutella Brownie Shake in glasses
Nutella Brownie Shake

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